I realized a long time dream… I published my first book…

Expressing the Beauty of a Broken Soul’s Blossoming Journey

Thank you Maii Fallara for the stunning book cover, artwork and design: Inkling Whispers

This book groups my best poems written between 2018 and 2021. I chose the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, as I read a lot on the subject for the past years, and it remains the best way for new writers to publish their books. I will also use the site Draft2Digital to help me spread it around other well known eBook sites (Google Book, Issue, ScribD, etc.). Thank you LB for sharing your first book ‘Wearing Her Footsteps’ publishing experience with me.

Since, I started writing on Medium in the fall of 2018, I had no idea which direction I was…

Little Feather’s Poetry Collection

Escaping the North Pole of Our Lives: Instinctive Trekking Poles

Francine Fallara, Inkling Whispers

Today life brewed me
I wished to rise over all
Expanding all hope

Tonight silence is
All you can hear about me
As my aura chills

Rising above bumpy terrains
Everything possible
Four poles trailing my journey

True North your cold side
No more fears
True South unspeakable dreams

Walk me through East
Feeling your warm rays
Rely on intuitions

Follow me through West
Push away hesitations
Aspiration appears

Instinctive trekking poles
Follow shooting stars
Swaying darkness

Sky separation
Golden rays forcing the light
Infinite love waves

Francine Fallara, 2021

Author of “Inkling Whispers” eBook edition and Paperback available on…

Little Feather’s Poetry Collection

My Intro

Inkling Whispers

For a while, my days were afloat on in an automatic mode. I maintained a positive attitude, and I tried my best to not consciously think too much ahead as to what lied in front of me.

… Living for the present enjoying the moment …

Yesterday had to be locked up in the past once and for all.

Today I have to shake myself to wake up in a world filled with new promises.

… I am ready to share the new me with a special someone.

Francine Fallara, 2021

Author of “Inkling Whispers” eBook edition and Paperback available…

Blue Insights Newsletter — 2021–04–04

Writing to Free Our Souls — 13 049 followers

Photo by George Hiles on Unsplash

In December, I recruited new key editors to join the Blue Insights publication, and that was the best decision I took for our community. The three main original editors, Øivind H. Solheim, Thomas Plummer, and myself were not available anymore for a full-time editor’s gig for the community. I did not want my efforts of the past two years to fall down the drain and lose the publication, so I knew it was time to have additional help to help Blue Insights grow.

The first two months, I was also very busy with the management of the digital version of…

Blue Insights Magazine — 2021–03–06


Empowered, Empowering: Art Direction, conception and design by Maii

Blue Insights Magazine, Issue 002, ‘Empowered, Empowering’ is a Black History Month Poetry & Art Collection.

Our call was for both writers and artists to contribute poetry and art that fits with our global theme representing black history, the positives, the negatives, the wounds, and the life lessons.

Blue Insights Magazine is offering both an opportunity to share their words and art (including photography) adding their unique talent to our platform to develop the magazine’s visual display.

Thank you to participating artists, writers, readers and family at Blue Insights.

Thank you to Maii, the Art Director, who genuinely produced a simply perfect conception and design for our special Issue 002.

Francine Fallara

Passionate, genuine and creative simple girl striving daily to keep my inner rebel warrior alive. Author of ‘Inkling Whispers’, paperback and eBook on Amazon.

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