I realized a long time dream… I published my first book…

Expressing the Beauty of a Broken Soul’s Blossoming Journey

Thank you Maii Fallara for the stunning book cover, artwork and design:

This book groups my best poems written between 2018 and 2021. I chose the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, as I read a lot on the subject for the past years, and it remains the best way for new writers to publish their books. I will also use the site Draft2Digital to help me spread it around other well known eBook sites (Google Book, Issue, ScribD, etc.). Thank you LB for sharing your first book ‘’ publishing experience with me.

Since, I started writing on Medium in the fall of 2018, I had no idea which direction I was…

Cultural Prompt — Writing Breaks

Writing Structures Through My Soul

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Second dose rhymed with

Whole freedom out of my box

Complete pilgrimage

Sixty days remote away from

Disordered information

Chaotic statistics

Deserted my followers

Neglected my readers

Restrained my prose

Writing structures through my soul

Writing breaks an interruption of continuity

Writing frames my mind

Summer 2021, after I received my second dose of Moderna vaccine, I split out of my Covid-19 routine, doing over 60 days of remote work away from home. Starting my days early, working between 6am and end my work days around 3pm. Leaving me the equivalent of 7 hours per day to go play outside…

Creating emotions — Spark plugs to ignite your virtual humanity

Everyone Deserves to be Heard: Guidelines 2021

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The symbolic meaning of number Two is kindness, balance, tact, equalization, and duality.

The number Two reflects a quiet power of judgment, and the need for planning. Two beckons us to choose.

Avia Venefica

Blue Insights Newsletter — 2021–05–01

Writing to Free Our Souls — 13 125 followers

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Blue Insight publication encourages members to open their doors and windows to hear everyone’s voice.

The soul of our publication cries out loud and clear:

Everyone deserves to be heard!

MUSIC HAVEN 2021–05–01

Music Voices Newsletter — Music counts, speaks and matters — Curving your soul’s arch

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Even if live music is on hold since a little over a year, music in our personal secure bubble has played a major role through our chaotic, and ever changing daily emotions.

I love music since I can remember hearing my first musical note. Music speaks to me as no other medium can. It absorbs all my attention and gifts me with the best focus I can ever dream of for any type of creative activity I want to achieve, including my highly cartesian geoscientific work.

All of my house chores are done through musical mental support. I have wild…

Haiku tribute to: A Man and the Boat

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Handyman fixes
Broken souls with stardust hope
Angels magic hands

A man was asked to paint a boat. He brought his paint and brushes and began to paint the boat a bright red, as requested by the owner. While painting, he noticed a small hole in the hull and quietly fixed it. When he finished painting he got his money and left.

The next day, the owner of the boat came to see the painter and gave him a nice check, much more than the payment for the painting.


Little Feather’s Poetry Collection

Escaping the North Pole of Our Lives: Instinctive Trekking Poles

Francine Fallara,

Today life brewed me
I wished to rise over all
Expanding all hope

Tonight silence is
All you can hear about me
As my aura chills

Rising above bumpy terrains
Everything possible
Four poles trailing my journey

True North your cold side
No more fears
True South unspeakable dreams

Walk me through East
Feeling your warm rays
Rely on intuitions

Follow me through West
Push away hesitations
Aspiration appears

Instinctive trekking poles
Follow shooting stars
Swaying darkness

Sky separation
Golden rays forcing the light
Infinite love waves

Francine Fallara, 2021

Author of “” eBook edition and Paperback available on…

Francine Fallara

Passionate, genuine and creative simple girl striving daily to keep my inner rebel warrior alive. Author of ‘Inkling Whispers’, paperback and eBook on Amazon.

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