@Andrew I loved this incredibly well detailed and documented piece on Pearl Jam’s song Alive. I was lucky to catch up with my younger years Pearl Jam musical crush by going to Seattle in 2017. I was able to participate in the Stalking Seattle tour which brings us to important locations which played key roles during the grunge era. I myself wrote a piece on being Alive, stating the importance of living life at its fullest in the present time, using off course Pearl Jam’s Ten album cover. This week, with two other editors, I started my own Music Voices publication and I would love to have you as a writer. Are you interested? Would you want to include this piece within our Music History section? I am looking forward in reading your future contributions. Thanks for this incredible grunge era flashback.

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Passionate, genuine and creative simple girl striving daily to keep my inner rebel warrior alive. Music lover. Exploration Geologist Consultant.

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