Happy birthday Xavier Van Holde!!!

Here is my gift… Answers….

1. What do you like best about the publication so far?

The Name, the originality of the posts and the no-censure publication

2. What do you think would make the publication better?

I was accepted as a writer for a couple of months but never contributed. I have no idea how to align my writing for TBI yet. As much as I like writing on any subjects, I think to break the ice, there should be some sort of writing prompts to push me. Does not have to be weekly, it can be a monthly prompt.

But most important we need to have visibility to our posts. Being featured on FB group, Quora Space, etc. Because Medium changed so much the way we earn money, the reads are as much or maybe more important than the claps. The claps are great for the ongoing author’s motivation. The reads secures the author steady increasing income.

3. What’s your jam?

Music, culture, traveling, photography, nature, underground and avant-gardists movements, street-art, creativity, art, science

4. Name Three Causes You Wouldn’t Mind Seeing TBI throw its support behind:

Homeless people, domestic violence victims, creative scholarships, emerging artists

5. Medium that you respect and publications that love to visit:

Florence Wanjiku impresses me with her publication work and I don’t know how she manages ‘Without Borders’ but with the few followers (very young publication) the reading stats to my pieces are very impressive. Florence is very active on featuring our pieces on FB and Twitter and other social sites. For the past months, the posts on her publication has brought back excellent stats. And I love the vibes of her publication.

Same things for Simran Kankas, her publication ‘Spiritual Tree’ is amazing and the growth of both the followers and readers too is impressive. Simran posts a weekly Sunday writing challenge for the week. Plus she writes a weekly post promoting all of our writings so we can catch up easy on our other fellow authors of the publication. In few months her publication rose very quickly. In roughly 2 months she has now 966 followers in her publication. She chose to filter the content too and that is much appreciated. Because she wants to keep her publication niche on top and I respect that.

And voilà hope all these answers will help you. Frankly, I admire you surveying your writers on how to adapt your publication. So far, congrats because your publication has mad the top of my treasured valued Medium publications.

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Passionate, genuine and creative simple girl striving daily to keep my inner rebel warrior alive. Music lover. Exploration Geologist Consultant.

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