That is the number one remark I had 3 years ago when my soulmate left and I wasy saying I had wasted more than half my life. People would say at least you knew love once in your life. I swear I was speechless but to myself I would say all these years (28 to be exact) for what? Knowing this back then would I redo everything the same? I still cannot answer. So basically people were telling me you should not be sad but happy to have known and lived love once in your life. Stop crying cause you are among the fortunate ones. Some live their whole life and never meet their soulmates. Are there still happy people out there? That was the phrase I kept repeating myself during the first year that followed my separation. I still don’t know after 3 years… Sorry to have monopolized your answering board. Gteat piece Craig it inspired me this emotionnal flashback… lol…

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