Well Brian I have felt exactly like you state all my life. My age never scared me. They are just numbers we do not control like the temperature. So hey always lived my life doing what I wanted to do without EVER worrying or thinking I could not do this and that because of my age. I will turn 51 in December and man do I still have energy in me. This summer did 1000 km on biking, 600 km in June for the Great Cycle Challenge. I hiked last year around 500 km and this year will end the year with my goal being 1000 km. People are often jealous of me and always asking me when I will slow down? Why should I slow down if I feel great? I eat well enjoy having fun and surround myself of natural beauty and positive energy. Your story made me feel good. Also, did not change my style because I am getting older. That too never understood. Why should I wear “adult” clothes I dislike? Why should I cut my hair short and lose my feminity again blaming the age? Nothing has ever controlled my life and for sure will not let a number control me. I am living really close to my instinct and listen to myself. If I don’t feel it I just avoid it. If I love it I surround myself in it. Thanks so much for your story. And if I can give you hope yes we can have a better life as we grow older.

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